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York Construction Incorporated


Global Leaders in Refractory Engineering



    York Construction Inc is committed to deliver a quality refractory project, meeting the high levels of your specific design criteria, safety standards and schedule requirements for today’s industrial climate so that we will provide the best construction and lining performance for the future of your facility.

    York Construction Inc. is a market leader in the design, engineering and installation of refractory linings in all major industries. We incorporate our own in-house experience and technology with that of the major refractory suppliers to provide our clients with an installed product that will provide the best performance in your specific industry.

    York Construction Inc have been involved in the Refractory Industry for over 30 years and have kept up to with changing technologies and the challenges they provide.

    By keeping up to date with the latest changes in method and technology we are able to provide our clients a reliable finished product that is best suited to today’s specific demands.

  • Our Clients
    Our Clients

    Our clients include major European and U.S. manufacturers to whom we offer a complete package of lining design & engineering, materials selection, construction and after sales service.

    Serving all industries including Aluminum, Cement, Lime, Iron & Steel, Petrochemical, Power & incineration. York provide quality installations on all furnace types and configurations from small transfer ladles to large scale Furnaces and Kilns.

  • Design Work
    Design Work

    Design work includes thermal profiling with evaluation of the units and their individual processes.

    Insulation, intermediate and hot face materials are selected in accordance with the data evaluation. Shell protection, Thermal stability and Abrasion-resistant properties are carefully determined in consideration of the definitive process and the fuel being burned. This design criteria, and more, is carefully checked and agreed so that a comprehensive package can be submitted to the client.

  • Quality Control
    Quality Control

    Quality control and Assurance on contracts is maintained at a high standard by a combination of managerial supervision, documented control and the use of a highly skilled and trained workforce. 

    A nucleus of such craftsmen is retained by the company on a permanent basis in order to ensure the continuous availability of experienced personnel.

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